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Hey! We’re RICE. 


We are an art collective who wants to give young creatives within the south west a platform. We are doing this because we think all young people should have the opportunity to showcase their artwork to the world. We want to share your talent and vision.


We are hosting a virtual exhibition called ‘Art? Sure!’ Along with showing both your artwork and our own. We have included a talking heads video and a Zine to show what RICE is really about and demonstrate our individual creative flair. 


The reason the work we are doing is so important to us is because we want to help young people realise that all art is not just valid, but also brilliant. We want to give young emerging artists the opportunity to get their work seen in a way that they are happy with. 


RICE is made up of an array of individuals from all sorts of backgrounds; we have not always been able to show our work or our abilities, which is why we are so passionate about giving that opportunity to others like us.

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